Chloe DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief

Long hair don't care 2Chloe DeLuca is a University of Tennessee graduate student of Journalism and Electronic Media, song reviewer for a music therapy technology company called SingFit, and editor of the WUTK Blog of the Rock. She has a B.A. in English and a passion for music, aspiring to wear many hats in the music industry. Chloe is a transplant from California and a seeker of new adventures across the country. She’s traveled to 47 of the 50 states and plans to explore many more lands.

Luna Brewer, Electronic Co-Director and Blog Editor

luna.bio_pic1Luna Brewer is currently a junior in Journalism and Electronic Media at UT and has been employed by WUTK since Jan. 2017. Since being Arts Editor at the Daily Beacon, Luna has jumped ship to serve as assistant editor for WUTK’s music blog. Luna comes from the “sunshine state,” but looks forward to learning more about tunes from the Knoxville area. She hopes to move to Japan and become an arts magazine writer.


Quinn Phillips, Electronic Co-Director and Blog Photo Editor

IMG_7012Quinn Phillips is a junior Journalism and Electronic Media major at UT and has worked at WUTK since January 2017. She joined the Music Department in the fall semester of 2017 and shared the position as Electronic Director with Luna Brewer shortly after. She hopes to become a photojournalist in the near future, and can be found at She is best contacted by email at

Sidney Roy, Music Director

Sidney Roy Sidney is in his senior year at UTK. He became involved with WUTK in his first semester, and has been inseparable from the station ever since. He currently serves as music director and Knoxville’s hottest radio personality on The Indie Aisle. In 2017, Sidney spent a semester in the Netherlands where he developed an unhealthy obsession with techno.

Marie Kolzow, Host of Fire on the Mountain

Marie Marie Kolzow is an English major at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville with hopes of one day becoming an English teacher. She grew up outside of Chicago, and began volunteering at WUTK during her freshman year immediately after moving to Knoxville. She is now a Music Department member and hosts the station’s jam band show, Fire On The Mountain, on Tuesday nights from 10 PM to 1 AM. In her free time, Marie likes hiking the Smokies, hula hooping, and attending as many concerts as possible.

 Zeke Streetman, Music Department Member

17498748_1445116822187119_4236860344077374514_nZeke Streetman majors in both Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Tennessee. He is a member of WUTK’s Music Department and the Top of the Rock. He has written for the UT Tangerine (the local satirical newspaper), but now he brings his wit and brevity to the airwaves.

Mason Mulkey, World Music Director

17021436_1575134969183158_2513520183143627819_nMason Mulkey is a University of Tennessee, Knoxville alumni with a bachelor’s in History/Geography. He currently attends Lincoln Memorial University for Master’s studies in Education, and plans to return to his alma mater to acquire a Ph.d in Education. Mason became involved with WUTK by volunteering during his senior year and eventually co-hosted The Buzzlist. Now he is the full host of Simmer Down every Sunday night from 8 to 10 PM. The syndicated radio show “Hearts of Space” turned him on to reggae and world music.

Sid Warren, Loud Rock Director

IMG_0260Sydney Warren is a senior saxophone performance major with an emphasis in classical music. Musical tastes includes but isn’t limited to classic and modern Jazz, heavy alternative rock, hip-hop/jazz fusion, almost any kind of metal, classic British rock, and classical chamber music.