Review: “Zillion”

“Zillion,” released Feb. 3 and acts as Ty Richards’ debut album,  has blown my mind six ways to Sunday. This up and coming Austin, Texas artist is bringing out the heavy guns in this album of Psychedelic-dance-rock and it brings out the best in the genera. Holding a voice and lyrical quality of beck, but the fuzzy […]

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Big Ears 2017 Preview

It’s nearly spring, which means festival season has began to peek it’s head around the corner. There’s a lot to be excited about right here in Knoxville: local festival Big Ears, presented by AC Entertainment, is set to draw large crowds with its gathering of avant-garde and experimental talent. The annual event celebrates its 8th […]

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Papadosio: An Existential Experience

As a long time Papadosio fan, I was super stoked to find out they were coming back to Knoxville. Papadosio made their fifth stop of their Pattern Integrities 2017 tour at The International. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Papadosio blends psychedelic space jams with a unique electronic twist. With opening support from Hyperbolic Headspace and […]

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Photo Gallery of Waynestock 2017

By: Chloe DeLuca If you were to ask me, a California girl getting to know my new city of Knoxville and someone who attended Waynestock for the first time, about the turnout of the festival, I’d tell you it was such a fantastic event because of this year’s performers and the sheer love and community felt in one room. I stood […]

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