Dark depths of Moby’s upcoming release

Moby new album
Photo courtesy of Moby’s Website

By Asher Bechtel, Guest Reviewer

On March 2, Moby’s new album, “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt” releases in full.

At present, two singles from the upcoming record are available: the beat-driven “Like A Motherless Child” and “Mere Anarchy,” a more textural, atmospheric offering. Both singles communicate a grim ambiance reflective of late-70s post-punk, which serves as a major reference point for the sound of the tracks. The trembling sound of the lead vocals, especially on “Like A Motherless Child,” conjures the image of someone shuddering in the corner of a room, overwhelmed.

While that sort of vocal delivery wouldn’t be out of place on a Joy Division record, the rest of the sound draws on other sources, such as funk-like bass components and choral-sounding backing vocals at times.

Moby’s nearly 30-year-long musical career started in the techno and dance music scenes of the early 90s, but he has made several ventures into ambient music during his career, and has produced soundtracks as well.

Most recently, Moby has made two fast-paced, almost rock-flavored albums in collaboration with the Void Pacific Choir. The upcoming record, however, does not feature the Void Pacific Choir.

The singles take on a sound that is in some ways sparser but simultaneously more dynamic, at times even symphonic. “Like A Motherless Child” and “Mere Anarchy” respectively seem like they represent two ends on that spectrum.

Until the full release of Moby’s 15th studio album, WUTK 90.3 The Rock is Knoxville’s source for hearing his new music first.