Nashville band LUTHI to get rowdy with Knoxville

By: Luna Brewer, Electronic Co-Director

Photo courtesy of LUTHI

After previously playing with Moon Taxi and performing in Knoxville, Nashville band LUTHI is ready to bring their “boogie circus” to a bigger stage.

The nine-piece funk/rock/dance group consists of vocalist Christian Luthi, guitarists Taylor Ivey and Johnny Williamson, keyboardist Luke Iverson, bassist Taylor Craft, trumpet player Robert Gay, saxist Amber Woodhouse, trombone player Carl Gatti and drummer Patrick Futrell. Although the band was formed in Nashville, LUTHI members come from all over the U.S.

“It was kind of an organic creation since we are all friends,” Luthi said.

After kicking off the year opening for Nashville indie-rock band Moon Taxi for a New Year’s Eve show in Atlanta, LUTHI plans on touring throughout the year, with shows in the spring and summer, including hitting The Mill and Mine with Moon Taxi Feb. 2.

“It was a great time playing with them and we all love Wes (Bailey),” Luthi said. “It’s also great to see that a good Nashville band like Moon Taxi is blowing up right now.”

Despite getting to play again with their fellow Nashville band, vocalist Luthi and guitarist Taylor Ivey are mostly looking forward to bring the party to Knoxvillians.

“I love how rowdy Knoxville is,” Luthi said. “We’ve played at spots like Preservation Pub and it’s cool to see people who were maybe a little hesitant at first just go crazy and let loose.”

The group is also excited to perform in a larger venue and see how their “boogie circus” translates to a bigger stage. With a fun-seeking group of nine, coordination and cooperation is a must on and off stage, but Ivey believes that the group’s differences help make the band.

“It caters to the specialization of each member and then creates this really unique blend,” Ivey said. “So the boogie circus is essentially the blending and passing of the torch onstage between  us and it’s like one big musical party.”

Having a strong touring year isn’t the only goal for LUTHI, as the band has plans to drop a new album later in the spring.