Dopapod and The Motet collaborate in Asheville

By Marie Kolzow, Jam Band Director

As The Motet and Dopapod’s extensive fall tour came to an end they made one of their last stops at the Salvage Station in Asheville, North Carolina Nov. 17.

Dopapod shows are known for funky space jams and they’ll almost always leave audiences with a cosmic mindgasm. However, Dopapod recently announced they would not be touring in 2018.

“After playing close to 150 shows a year for the last 7 years, we have decided as a group that the healthiest thing we can do moving forward is to take some time to nourish other parts of our lives without having to think of the next step for the band,” Keyboardist Eli Winderman said on the band’s website. “The goal is that we can come back to Dopapod with a renewed sense of excitement and a plethora of new music that we would never be able to conceive without this time off the road.”

Dopapod plays music from their fifth studio album “Megagem” on their fall tour with The Motet. Marie Kolzow/WUTK

In typical Dopapod fashion, the band opened their set with a “My Elephant vs. Your Elephant” segue into “Psycho Nature” and back into “My Elephant vs. Your Elephant” and back into “Psycho Nature” to finish to the first jam.

Dopapod also played songs off of their new album “MEGAGEM” such as “Piazole” and “Starfish.” To finish off their set they brought out The Motet’s vocalist Lyle Divinsky for a cover of “I Believe I Can I Fly.”

Eli Winderman of Dopapod sits in with Joey Porter of The Motet. Marie Kolzow/WUTK

Next to take the stage was afrobeat funk group The Motet. Their high energy performance can be best described as an unavoidable dance party all around. The Motet kicked off their set with a performance of “Cloak and Dagger” which is off their most recent studio album “Totem” released in 2016.

Other tracks from “Totem” included “So High,” “Know It Too Well,” and “Rippin Herb.” Their set also featured solo performances from the band’s many talented instrumentalists such as trumpet player Gabe Mervine.

Along with their mind-boggling funk jams The Motet also covered songs like Earth, Wind, & Fire’s  “Yearnin’ and Learnin” and Funkadelic’s “Nappy Dugout.” Their set also featured sit ins from Dopapod’s Eli Winderman on keys and Neal “Fro” Evans on drums for a “Dopatet” jam. The Motet ended their set with an encore performance of their newest single “Get It Right.”

The Motet’s vocalist Lyle Divinsky plays alongside Dopapod during their show in Asheville Nov. 17. Marie Kolzow/WUTK

The Motet and Dopapod are both extremely talented groups on their own but together they provided an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Without question “Dopatet” is one of the most fun live shows on the road this fall.