Ode to Vulf


By Bradley Blackwelder, Music Director

•Photo Courtesy of Orangecoast.com


It’s no laughing matter. In music’s current state of affairs, one out of five listeners will suffer from lackluster grooves and severe boredom. Act quick and get your lover, friend or child the remedy they not only need but deserve; the upcoming release from Vulfpeck.

Vulfpeck’s new album “Mr. Finish Line” will release on Nov. 7. The album will feature a prolific lineup of guest musicians, including Parliament-Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins, legendary session musician David T. Walker and many more.

•Courtesy of Vulfpeck

Four advance promo tracks have already been released by the Ann Arbor, Michigan based funk outfit. All are available on the band’s Spotify and YouTube accounts.

Check it out here

The history of Vulfpeck is not always easy to understand, considering that the band members are surrounded by fan imagined folklore describing their origins. For example, Woody Goss is often rumored to have been birthed by songbirds. While this may or may not be true, here is what we do know.

The group is composed of four static members: Jack Stratton on keyboards, guitar and percussion, Woody Goss on keyboards, Theo Katzman on vocals, percussion and guitars and Joe Dart on bass guitar. Other artists like vocalist Antwaun Stanley, Joey Dosik and honorary fifth Vulfpeck member Cory Wong are frequent collaborators.

This will be the band’s third full-length album following “The Beautiful Game” and is perhaps the most ambitious. It’s no surprise given that the band just completed a successful festival circuit in 2016 and a sold-out tour this summer.

Tracks like “Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together”, a Mocky cover, and “Running Away” confirm that Vulfpeck’s spectrum of sounds can extend beyond their normal bag of tricks. While the approach may be slightly different, those already in the Vulfpack need not fear because the band still brings the same musical expertise that has made them popular thus far.

•Courtesy of Vulfpeck

•Courtesy of Vulfpeck