“One-man band” Keller Williams interacts with crowd at the Concourse

The “one-man jam band,” Keller Williams hit Knoxville’s Concourse for an acoustic show Nov. 2.

Williams often blends aspects of various music genres such as bluegrass, funk, and reggae, but the artist is most commonly associated with the jam band scene. Outside of his solo career, Williams is a member of many side projects like Keller & The Keels, Grateful Grass, and Keller Williams Kwahtro.

As a man of many talents, Williams had no issue captivating the audience with skilled instrumentation and stage antics. His performance certainly kept the audience on their toes, as Williams takes “one man with a guitar” to the next level.


Keller Williams performs at the Concourse in Knoxville on Thursday Nov. 2, 2017. Marie Kolzow/WUTK

Williams played music from his entire musical catalog and tracks from his 2015 album “Vape” like “High and Mighty,” “She Rolls” and “Mantra.” The performance got the crowd involved as many people chanted lyrics to the song.

Throughout the night, Williams took requests from the audience, but a key moment of the night was his performance of “Donuts.” The audience member who requested the song was serenaded,  showing Williams’ connection with the audience.

Highlights of the night included performances of Williams’ hit songs “Doobie in My Pocket” and “Best Feeling.” In addition to his own popular songs, Williams also performed covers of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still” and The Grateful Dead’s “Bird Song.”

Despite Williams’ performance incorporating a variety of grooves of different genres, the musician never failed to transform the tunes into his own kind of funk. What Williams brought to the Concourse with his live performance was something that can’t easily be replicated, making him a “one of a kind one-man band.”