The Frightnrs’ new album commemorates passing of lead singer

By Mason Mulkey, World Music Director

Following the tragic loss of The Frightnrs’ lead singer, Dan Klein, the reggae and rocksteady group from New York City recently released “More to Say Versions,” which consists of dub remixes of 2016’s “Nothing More to Say.”

Though The Frightnrs fell on hard times in 2016 when Klein passed due to an undisclosed neurological condition, the remaining members wanted to continue his legacy with a reinvention of the band’s final album with Klein.


•Photo Courtesy of The Frightnrs

“More to Say Versions” opens with a fantastic dub mix of “All My Tears,” and the track  showcases Klein’s haunting vocals alongside piano and synthesizer. The track “Lookin Version,” a lead single from the album, features electrifying percussion and piano overlaying Klein’s thunderous voice.

“Trouble in Here,” the song often featured on WUTK’s specialty show Simmer Down, returns as the dubbed “Trouble Version.” Klein and company blasts off with a magical rocksteady beat and lyrics depicting a struggle with another person.

Overall, The Frightnrs’ “More to Say Versions” is a real treat for fans in need of old school rasta-roots music with dub, rocksteady and reggae beats.