Metalcore band Converge explores beyond roots in new album

By Sid Warren

Nov. 3, metalcore band Converge returned with an impressive ninth album, “The Dusk In Us,” as the band delves into raw emotion and existentialism.

The 40-minute album is aggressive and laced with powerful messages from start to end. The only breaks from the exciting in-your-face messages that dominate this record are the tracks “Thousand of Miles Between Us” and title track “The Dusk In Us.” In comparison to the rest of the album, these tracks flirt with themes of the darkest aspects of love.

Band members (left to right): Jacob Bannon, Kurt Ballou, Nate Newton and Ben Koller. •Photo courtesy of Converge’s Bandcamp

Standout lyrics from the title track have chilling effects when accompanied by Converge’s powerful chord progression and atmospheric, unplugged plucking.

“Dear shattered little girl, this is not the end of your world. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life where you do, or you die.”

“The Dusk In Us” showcases Converge’s innate hardcore style, while still being well produced, and the album maintains the band’s raw, garage sound, full band hits and heavy mid-range guitar distortion.

Despite the production quality, one of the best aspects of this album is the lyrics. Vocalist Jacob Bannon stated in an interview that the track “Under Duress” was an “emotional reaction to the complex world in which we live.”

Bannon’s statement can be applied throughout the rest of the album, as the band explores political issues, war and violence through Bannon’s vocal prowess.