311 shows The Mill & Mine peace, love, unity

By Mason Mulkey, World Music Director

Reggae-rock band 311 hit The Mill & Mine Oct. 24 for “one magical night” in Knoxville.

Hours before the show, a large crowd of fans, friends and concertgoers lined up to see 311’s performance. Within the crowd one shirt stood out. It read “311 is my religion.”

How can a live concert performance be called a religious experience?

The concert opened with the Pilfers, a New York “reggaecore” band.  After performing for over 20 years, the group has created an unique blend of ska, reggae and rock. Lead singer Coolie Ranx interacted with the crowd and the Pilfers properly warmed up the crowd for headliner 311.

The Pilfers open for 311 at the Mill and Mine on Oct. 24, 2017. (Mason Mulkey/WUTK)

The stage was set, the crowd was engaged and ready to go wild. As the lights went out, 311 began with fan favorites “Amber,” “Beautiful Disaster” and “My Stoney Baby,” which hasn’t been performed live in years. 311 also performed hits off their new album “Mosaic” including songs “Perfect Mistake,” “Too Much Too Think” and “‘Til the City’s on Fire.”

Later in 311’s set, they performed “On A Roll,” a song about peace, love and unity. Lead singer Nick Hexum asked the crowd to sing along and really set the tone for the show.


311 perform at The Mill and Mine on Oct. 24, 2017. (Mason Mulkey/WUTK)

Other highlights of the concert included solos by bassist P-Nut and drummer Chad Sexton. During Sexton’s 5 minute drum solo, the rest of the band did a percussion performance where they all threw drum sticks to each other.

As the show came to an end, 311 closed their set with an encore, which included tear-jerker “Beyond the Grey Sky.” The concert as a whole exuded feelings of love and unity and the reasoning behind “311 is my religion” became clear.

The Setlist can be found here.