Frontman James Murphy brings gratitude to Nashville LCD Soundsystem show

By Sidney Roy, The Indie Aisle Co-Host

James Murphy and Co. shook the dust off the walls with a rare rock show in Nashville’s historic Municipal Auditorium Oct. 20.

“We know most of you have to work tomorrow, so why don’t you just party with us for a while and wear sunglasses to work,” LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy said early in their set.

The crowd was still warming up, but this gentle push by Murphy made the crowd at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium get very rowdy for the next two hours.

The band is touring in support of their first full-length album since their short-lived breakup, “American Dream.”

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• Photo courtesy of LCD Soundsystem

New tracks, like set opener “Oh Baby” held their own against dance-punk classics like “Tribulations” and “Yr City’s a Sucker.” The band transitioned seamlessly between new and old tracks without depending too heavily on any of their four releases.


LCD Soundsystem performs at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium Oct. 20, 2017. (Sidney Roy/WUTK)

Now eight members strong, LCD Soundsystem’s live performance boasts synergy. Band members were stationed all over the stage, churning out bass-heavy riffs and running around synthesizers while vocalist Nancy Whang stood in the center of the madness.

Drummer Pat Mahoney sat to the side of the stage, maintaining his hypnotic, krautrock-inspired beats for the duration of their two hour set.

Distinctively, Murphy stood away from the center. Despite being the premier creative force behind their music, Murphy is known for his humility, and it showed when he took every opportunity to recognize his bandmates and crew throughout the show.


LCD Soundsystem showcases synergy among band members onstage Oct. 20, 2017. (Sidney Roy/WUTK)

Gratitude was a major theme throughout the show, as most of the banter in between songs was simply Murphy thanking people in the crowd, on stage or both. The speech at the end of the set resembled movie credits, wherein Murphy again thanked the crew, calling many by name and role with the band. He even thanked the crowd members who pushed their way to the front for doing so in a somewhat considerate fashion.