Local concert series brings bands to UT campus


Luna Brewer, Electronic Co-Director

The second installment of The Local, hosted by University of Tennessee’s Campus Events Board, succeeded in bringing local artists to the students on Oct. 21.

The first installment of the series featured artists The Crumbsnatchers, High Heat and Hardcastle, but Saturday’s installment had a lineup intended to “shake things up a bit,” according to CEB Concert Operations Chair Shelby Goodsell. Friday’s show featured high energy ska band Demon Waffle, indie folk singer-songwriter Bristol Maroney and electro-pop duo Peak Physique.

“To pick the bands, we took into consideration the committee, who all had their own recommendations from shows they’ve gone to,” Goodsell said. “I’ve been at a Peak Physique show before and a Demon Waffle show before, so I really wanted to bring those experiences to the students.”

Demon Waffle performs as the opening act of The Local on Saturday, October 21. (Quinn Phillips/WUTK)

Demon Waffle started the night out with blaring horns and high energy, but had difficulty getting the crowd to participate.

“We’re usually a club or bar band, so the crowd and vibe are a little different,” Demon Waffle lead singer Tyler Parkhill said. “It always takes a little while to feel out a crowd… So, it went okay. The middle of the set, the crowd warmed up to us and we got some people off their cellphones, which is a tougher battle on college campuses.”

Despite the crowd taking a minute to get into the band, Parkhill says the band played their best and could only hope everyone enjoyed the set.

Briston Maroney performs during The Local on Saturday, October 21. (Quinn Phillips/WUTK)

Following Demon Waffle, Briston Maroney had much better luck with The Local’s crowd. Clapping and cheering after every song, it became clear that the crowd had finally gotten into the music.

“Actually, I was very surprised with the event,” Maroney said. “Usually when I play on college campuses, it’s very disorganized, but tonight was pretty put together, plus free food is always pretty cool.”

Besides the charm of the food provided, Maroney was happy to connect to the audience after each song. After getting several crowd members to stand and dance, it was time for The Local’s grand finale.

Peak Physique performs as the final act of The Local on Saturday, October 21. (Quinn Phillips/WUTK)

Peak Physique’s set was full of jokes, masks and dog references, but the duo managed to draw in a majority of the crowd to create a moshpit in front of the stage. With a lightshow and covers of hit songs from Prince and The Cardigans, Peak Physique ended the show with a proper flourish.

The Local was originally intended to have just two shows this Fall, but CEB hopes the series will continue every Fall semester.

“We just hope the series will grow from here,” Goodsell said. “I think both line-ups [this Fall] have been really strong and I think students have really enjoyed it. Even if they didn’t know the bands beforehand, The Local’s goal is to introduce people to Knoxville’s local music scene.”