Spirit Adrift creates unique sound with new album

By Sid Warren

Phoenix doom metal artist Spirit Adrift recently released their second album under the label 20 Buck Spin.

“Curse of Conception” is an extremely convincing exploration of songwriting and style diversity. Although doom metal is an accurate tag for Spirit Adrift, their second album, released Oct. 6, displays their ability to explore many different styles in a cohesive manner.

Spirit Adrift Lineup: Nate Garret, Jeff Owens, Marcus Bryant, and Chase Mason. (Photo Courtesy of Spirit Adrift Bandcamp page)

The first song of the album, “Earthbound,” begins with an acoustic guitar duel, followed by a Metallica-esque heavy band introduction. Afterwords, this opening track slows down into a slow, heavy riff style with soaring melodic vocals reminiscent of Pallbearer. The first few minutes of “Curse of Conception” sets the tone for an album full of texture changes and bridges between styles, much like in the opening track. Traditional heavy metal and doom metal are, of course, some of the main influences for this work, but the styles heard on this record go beyond that.

Spirit Adrift often executes thick riff-based sounds with dueling guitars layered on top throughout the album. However, Spirit Adrift uses seamless transitions and guitar solos to explore haunting and atmospheric acoustic interludes in nearly every track.

The songwriting on Spirit Adrift’s second album is very creative and the production quality is also superior. This collection of songs showcases how far this group has come in just a year since the release of their 2016 debut album, “Chained to Oblivion.”