Foo Fighters return to Knoxville after more than 20 years

By Chloe DeLuca, Editor

In full-throttle Foo Fighters fashion, the band delivered a stellar, unbelievable rock show at the Thompson-Boling Arena on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017.

Not only did the Foo Fighters shred hard and perform numerous songs from their catalog, including tracks off ninth studio album “Concrete and Gold,” the concert marked the band’s return to Knoxville after 22 years.

As the Foo Fighters commenced the show with “Across the Universe”-like harmonies from behind the curtain,  the Foos jumped straight into “Run,” a track off “Concert and Gold.” Following the opening song, the band cranked out popular hits like “All My Life,” “Learn to Fly” and “The Pretender,” along with songs from their most recent album.

The audience sang along loudly to songs from the Foo Fighters’ second album “The Colour and Shape” and Grohl further excited the crowd by interacting with them between songs.

“Do you know what we do? We play [expletive] rock and roll music,” Grohl said.


Once the show hit it’s midway mark, band members and honorary guests, such as Mick Murphy, played teaser covers of Van Halen and Queen songs. Bass player Nate Mendel performed a quick “Another One Bites the Dust” solo and guitarist Mick Murphy joined the band onstage for a cover of “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me.”

After a nearly 3 hour set, The Foo Fighters, ended the show with crowd-favorite “Best of You,” but concert-goers weren’t through with the Foos. Rumbling floorboards and loud chants demanding encore performances brought the band back out for more rounds of rock music. Their encore performances included “Concrete and Gold,” “Dirty Water,” “Monkey Wrench” and, arguably their most popular hit, “Everlong.”

The show was an intense experience for adoring Foo Fighters fans, and Knoxville concert-goers were ecstatic to have them back in town.

Complete setlist, here.