10 Years returns stronger than ever

By Quinn Phillips, Co-Electronic Director

• Photo courtesy of 10 Years

Local alternative-metal band 10 Years recently released a new single, “Novacaine” and with it, news of a new album, “(How to Live) As Ghosts.” The band welcomed back former guitarist and drummer Brian Vodinh and guitarist Matt Wantland for the new album, which is set to release on Oct. 27.

“From Birth to Burial,” the band’s 2015 album, was intended to be the band’s last release. Lead vocalist Jesse Hasek thought it would be the last album because he couldn’t envision 10 Years without Wantland and Vodinh.  In an interview with WUTK, Vodinh described the band’s previous dynamic as “unhealthy and toxic” but after talking to Wantland for the first time in years, both knew “that was it.” In order to help the dynamic, the group also decided to make the songwriting a group effort.  

“Jesse and I used to hole up in a room together and he and I kind of hogged the writing,” Vodinh said. “This record, it was open door policy. We’re all in a room and it was a lot of fun.”

The record’s single, “Novacaine,” was released on Aug. 16 before their tour to promote the upcoming album. The song is the shortest of the album, at 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and has acquired more of an alternative rock sound. The band believes producer Nick Raskulinecz pushed them in their sound’s transition.  

“Nick threw us curve-balls and challenged us to re-write stuff and do things we normally wouldn’t have done,” the band said on their website.

One of the most notable tracks on the album is “Lucky You.” The intro and second verse are significantly slower than the rest of the album, which showcases Hasek’s vocals. He takes an opportunity to tell an emotional story through the song that turns dark as the beat intensifies.

The title track of the album, “Ghosts,” reflects the band’s experience compared to their past.  The lyrics stand out as much more meaningful than before. The songs “Ghosts” and “Novacaine” are about the “numbing of life,” Vodinh said. Vodinh attributes this new lyrical style to the life experience each member has gained since the first record.

“(How to Live) As Ghosts” is a welcome change to 10 Years’ sound. While it is not a dramatic change, each song shows the growth of each member since “From Birth to Burial” and allows each individual member to perform to the best of their abilities.