OPA! Music, dancing, food at Greek Fest

By Chloe DeLuca, Editor

Come one, come all! The 38th annual Greek Fest is here again! The smells of spanakopita and baklava in the air, the sounds of Greek chants and traditional music, you can’t find it anywhere quite like Greek Fest Knox, located at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 4070 Kingston Pike.

Tonight, Sept. 15, kicked off the first leg of the lively weekend festival. Swarms of people and families were in attendance, and most of them were fixated on the dancing taking place on the centrally-located dance floor.

Children and teens dressed in draped garments entertained the crowd with dances from different regions of Greece. After each routine, the emcee described which islands and mainland parts of the country the dance originated. Each region has its own choreography and style.

Onlookers were entranced by the communal nature and circular motion of their moves. Honestly, I wanted to get out there and rotate with them, but couldn’t fathom the steps or a socially acceptable opportunity to do so; therefore, I settled on a casual box step where I stood.

The music and dancing so enchanted my soul that I almost forgot to indulge in some of my favorite food. I am 25% Greek, but I swear my taste buds are the full 100%. On any given day, I crave hummus, olives and capers. Tonight, the Mediterranean side of me was going a little nuts because I found my Greek food heaven. I eagerly sampled the ziti noodle-rific pastichio, the egg-filled filo tiropita baked to a golden brown and, of course, some Greek pizza topped with feta cheese, tomatoes and olives. Mouth-watering!


There is a lovely “taverna” available for those interested and the best desserts this side of the Mississippi. They even have neat little boxes of assorted pastries for you to take home and munch on till Monday.

The festival never disappoints! In fact, it’s like adding a breath of fresh air to life after a busy week. Having attended twice now, each time has been a great way to get immersed in Greek culture, my culture. I highly recommend everyone stop by and experience it for yourself. They’ll be supplying tasty treats, live performances of traditional dances and diverse music all weekend! Free admission for kids. OPA!

More event info on their Facebook page

Written by Chloe DeLuca, Editor