Knoxville Comes Together For Umphrey’s McGee

They say to never miss a Sunday show and especially if that show is Umphrey’s McGee at the beautiful Tennessee Theatre. It’s always a pleasure to have Umphrey’s in town so this event is a can’t miss for any jam lover around. The Tennessee Theatre greets visitors with a phosphorescent Tennessee sign that makes for a vibrant scene downtown. Entering the venue, you are entranced by the various ornate colors and patterns decorating the theatre. The venue guarantees those in attendance will have plenty to look at.

The show began at 8:30 PM with “Gurgle”>”Resolution”>”Walletsworth.” With an opening like that there was no question that Knoxville was in for a good one. Up next were favorites like “Mulche’s Odyssey”, “Professor Wormbog”, and “Uncle Wally.” Then Umphrey’s brought back “Keefer” for the first time since 2012 and followed it with a wild “Puppet String” to end the first set. Second set began with a “Rocker 2” and a groovy “Higgins” party that went into a sweet “Kimble.” “Intentions Clear” and “Tribute to the Spinal Shaft” were played next and with them came mass amounts of head banging. From there, Umphrey’s finished off the second set with a mashup of The Beatles “Come Together” and Nine Inch Nails “Closer.”

The encore began with a spot lit “The Weight Around” that was sure to give anybody goose bumps. In this moment it was most clear how connected the crowd truly was. People of all ages had come together to jam out for am awesome show. This included a young boy seen on his, assumingly, father’s shoulders holding up the Umphrey’s hand signal. It’s moments like these that bring fans to countless more Umphrey’s shows. The boys finished off the show with an “Attachments” that would bring out any amount of boogieing you had left in you. Umphrey’s once again took the audience on a perfect roller coaster of emotions through their intuitive jamming and mesmerizing light show that would have anybody wanting more.

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~DJ Lady Lotus