Young Bombs Interview at Shaky Beats Music Festival

Young Bombs is a Producer/DJ duo made up of Martin and Tristian. They are currently based out of Vancouver, Canada, and during their time at Shaky Beats Music festival they took the time to talk with WUTK about life, music, and more.


So to start off how would you describe your music to some who has never heard it before?

“We try and make music that has those feel good vibes and makes you just feel better about whatever you’re doing. Music that hopefully can help you improve even the worst days.”


What is your favorite part about being a Producer/DJ?

“Making Music and writing songs is a way that helps us release expression. To be able to share that music with everyone and to get back positive responses is an incredible feeling. Like getting a message from someone on Facebook that tells us how our music helped them get out of a dark place in their life just inspires us and lets us know we are going in the right direction.”


Your Remix of whole heart received millions of streams across a lot of platforms what has inspired you to make remixes like this one?

“We’ve had a couple of our songs featured in those Rory Kramer cliff jumping video’s and just seeing that has inspired us to keep making music like that. Those influences have come full circle and helped us make more music with those same vibes. We try to imagine what kind of music would fit perfectly in that kind of video and really go after that vibe.”


Do you have any new music that you’re excited to release soon?

“We have a new remix coming out in the next couple of weeks and then after that, we are really excited to release our first couple of original tracks. We have been working very hard over the past few years to develop our own style and now we feel like we are finally ready to release our own music. It’s a big step and we feel like we are finally ready to show everyone the songs we have been holding back for a while.”


Moving forward what goals do you want to accomplish in the future?

“Our goal is to shake up the EDM scene and to always give fans a great experience at our shows. We are starting to play bigger shows at larger festivals and that feeling is great. Next, we would love to start playing overseas and play some shows in Europe. We would also love to keep playing festivals in America like Coachella and EDC. Other than that we want to keep making great music and keep spreading the good vibes.”



What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about pursuing a career in music?

“To never give up and never stop because we have a lot of friends who are so talented. Then they just stop because they don’t believe in themselves or someone tells them they don’t have what it takes and they believe it. A lot of what it takes to make it in the music industry is just staying dedicated to your craft.  A good way to visualize this is to imagine a guy digging away in a gold mine and he thinks he will never find anything. So one day he quits when in reality he is only inches away from hitting the motherload. That’s why you should never give up and keep going no matter what.”


In conclusion is there anything else you want to talk about?

“You can catch us on tour this summer at festivals like Firefly in Delaware and Lollapalooza in Chicago. Coming up we will be in Orlando and Tampa within the next couple of weeks. We also have a few shows in Las Vegas this summer and have a few other shows scattered around the country. Other than that make sure and find us on social media and watch out for our brand new songs coming out this summer.”


(Checkout their newest Remix of Captain Cuts in the Soundcloud link below)

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