Slander Interview at Shaky Beats Music Festival


Slander is a Producer/DJ duo made up of Scott and Derek. They Are currently based out of Los Angeles, California and during their time at Shaky Beats Music festival they took the time to sit down with me and talk about Touring, New Music, and much more.


So what’s it like playing out west compared to playing in the south?

In general, every show in the south is crazy. I’d say that our Three biggest following groups outside of California would be in Texas, Florida, and Atlanta. People especially down here are really passionate about music and we love the energy they bring during the shows.


What have been some of your favorite shows this year?

We played middle land festival yesterday and that was incredible. Ultra Music Festival and Coachella were both really cool. We played a crush festival in SoCal that had just an amazing crowd. Middle lands was a lot of fun because it was a first-year festival and we had no idea what to expect. It was incredible walking in and seeing such an immersive community around a music festival.


How does it feel to be playing the main stage of EDC this year?

We are even more pumped than normal because that was our first major goal when we started. We grew up in the Southern California scene and went to EDC 2009. Just to make that a goal and achieve it is incredible.


Do you have any new music that you’re excited to release soon?

In June we have our new song Superhuman finally coming out. We have been getting a lot of tweets about it and we can’t wait to release it June 23rd.  After that in July, we have another song coming out with Yookie. That song will kind of be the follow up to After All but showcasing the other side with a much softer melodic vibe. We are also working on new stuff with Kayzo and NGHTMRE.


What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about pursuing a career in music?

To never give up and to keep working. You need to put in at least 10,000 hours into Ableton. You have to be able to work a lot and differentiate yourself from other artist. The industry is more competitive than it’s even been and you have to put everything you’ve got into your music. You also have to present yourself with great image design too. If people go to your Facebook or Soundcloud and see a cool theme they will want to follow you. I can’t stress enough how important getting that follow really is.


Do you have any memories that stick out from this last year?

The good vibrations bus tour was amazing. That was something me and NGHTMRE talked about doing while we were in school together. We did like 36 cities in 2 months and it was intense but an incredible experience. We also went to Japan and Asia for the first time last year. Playing in countries we had never even been to before was a lot of fun. Finally, putting After all out was an incredible experience and seeing that song grow to what it is was also a great experience.



Moving forward what other goals do you want to accomplish in the future?

Up until this point I’ve kind of always been able to visualize what I wanted to do. From here on out its really cool because we can accomplish goals I never even thought we would. We have a new radio show with NGHTMRE on Sirius XM and fans are really giving great feedback on that. We want to grow the Gud Vibrations brand and start a label hopefully in the future. We hope to have big Gud Vibrations shows all over the country one day.


In conclusion is there anything else you want to talk about?

Moving forward we have more unreleased music than we have ever had before. We have music that isn’t even in our current genre and we hope to one day be putting out songs in different genres like hip-hop and rap. We just want to grow the brand and show everyone what we can really be.


(Check out their new song Drop It with the Soundcloud link Below) 

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