Surrounded By The Sound Music and Arts Festival: Special Preview from Simmer Down

There’s a Sun-Dried Vibes song called “Young One” featuring Jeremy Anderson of TreeHouse, and one part of the song lyrics are “surrounded by the sound, surrounded by the sound.” This festival will defiantly embrace these lyrics, and if you are going, prepare to get surrounded by the sound with the Southeast’s premiere grassroots reggae/rock music and arts festival in Long Creek, South Carolina on September 1st through the 4th, 2017. If you are on the fence about going, let this be the final push to get you going. Welcome to Surrounded By The Sound Music and Arts Festival!


So how did this festival begin? Well, this festival began as another music festival called Irie Vibes Music Festival, and that one has been going on for four years now. However, founding members and host band Sun Dried Vibes have rebranded and reorganized this festival on the fifth year to be called Surrounded By The Sound Music and Arts Festival. The mission of Surrounded By The Sound Music and Arts Festival is done in three parts. The first part of their mission is to provide and strengthen the local communities of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Long Creek South Carolina. The second and most important part in my opinion is to highlight the amazing talent that lies within the Southeast and East Coast rock/reggae community. The third part of the festivals mission is to distinguish The Chattooga River Resort and Campground as a destination market for the arts circuit, while engaging and inspiring both youth and adults about the arts/humanities within the reggae/rock community. What is also very interesting about this festival is that it’s striving to be a family friendly event, that extends to bring new music/visual arts for those who are attending. You will go home from this event with new friends, and new music for you to enjoy, also positive vibes to take you back to your work/school life.

Now let’s get on to the lineup, and this lineup is officially one of the best on the festival circuit this year! The headliners are Passafire, and The Movement. Passafire just dropped a new album this year called “Longshot,” and it’s one of the best albums they have dropped. The main songs you should listen to are: “Growing up, Longshot, Tacoma, Bright, and Blow featuring Mr. Lif.” The other headliner The Movement, who are actually from Columbia, South Carolina, and these guys are very good. Their last album called “Golden” was fantastic, and it featured songs such as “Golden featuring Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body, Blinded, Dancehall featuring Mr. Wiliamz, Through The Heart, and Wild Time.” Reggae music from Tennessee will also be represented with Roots of a Rebellion, and Floralorix from Nashville. Alex Crowley, the former host of Simmer Down, with his band PMA will also be here at the festival, and you should check our their recent album called “Through The Spaces.” One other act you should not miss out on is Elusive Groove, these guys have dropped their newest album called “Easy Rebel,” and it’s really, really, really good. Check out the songs “Easy Rebel, and Run from Babylon.” The festival will have four stages to accompany the thirty-eight artists. The main stages called “The Innova Discs Main Stage” and “The Rowdy Roots Stage” will host the majority of the artists such as Passafire, The Movement, Roots of a Rebellion, Floralorix, TreeHouse, Sun-Dried Vibes, Ballyhoo!, Through The Roots, and so on. The “Bangbox Percussion Acoustic Stage” will focus on acts such as The Late Ones, THE Dubber, and Bubba Love, and The Prophet of Positivity (Zach of Sun-Dried Vibes). The final stage called “Lowlife Entertainment Late Night Stage” will keep you grooving throughout the late night with acts such as Roots of Creation, Beebs & Her Money Makers, I.R.E, and DJ Gary Dread of The Movement. Here’s the daily lineups of the festival, so you know what stages the bands are on, and what times the bands are playing!

Also, there is a pre-party for the festival on Thursday, August 31st. The pre-party will get you early entry in the campground at 8am on Thursday, which guarantees you a good camping spot for you and your festival friends. The pre-party will feature bands such as Spread The Dub, Queen City Dub, Space Coast Ghosts, and Sensi Trails. The music starts at 7pm on that Thursday, so I highly advise you get on this pre-party train so you can jam to the music for an extra day, and who doesn’t love an extra day at a music festival!


Besides the amazing music that will be featured at the festival, there is also going to be other events for you to partake in. The main side event you should defiantly check out, and participate in is the Innova Disc and Bang Chains disc golf tournament. If you don’t know what disc golf is, its golf but with frisbees, and its super fun! Registration for this event is on Friday of the festival, and will begin Saturday morning of the festival. There also will be workshops on yoga, hula hooping, fire spinning, and a kids zone with activates for children of all ages. There will also be art galleries, food vendors from all over North and South Carolina, and retail/art vendors from all over The United States.

The venue called Chattooga River Campground and Resort (Address: 110 Blalock Place Rd, Long Creek, SC 29658) is a fully functioning campground and resort that will have bathhouses for you to use on certain hours of the morning and evening. The lodge at the campground will be fully functional thorough the weekend, and the campground will also have every campsite with electrical outlets and covered picnic areas. The lodge will also have amenities that you need/want during the festival. The camping will be done on a first come first serve basis, so get there early to get a good camping spot. The campground will have spaces for everyone coming, but please consider carpooling to save space, and protect our Mother Earth.

So should you go to an awesome music festival that features music from the Southeast reggae/rock scene, the answer is YES, YES YOU SHOULD! Why, because this music festival is all about friendships, and bringing people together. The host band Sun-Dried Vibes have been doing this since their beginning, over seven years ago. This band has brought in artists they have collaborated with such as TreeHouse, Tropidelic, Bumpin’ Uglies, Oogee Wawa, Roots of a Rebellion, Of Good Nature, See Water, and Lovely Budz. There is something like a music festival with friends all around you, and the positive music being played. You will be surrounded by the sound, and it will be an amazing time! Let’s go Knoxville, get your tickets now, and they are selling out fast! Thanks everyone, see you at the festival, and Stay Positive Out There!

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