Palms Weak, Hands Sweaty, Knees Shaky, Mom’s Spaghetti

Shaky Knees is celebrating its fifth year in business. The line up is stacked more than The Expendables part 7, including LCD soundsystem, Slyvan Esso, Cage the Elephant, Dr. Dog, FIDLAR.

Now, I can not say that I will remember the entire weekend (It will be very hot, you see), but I would say that LCD Soundsystem is going to put on a more than memorable

LCD Soundsystem live

performance. They have been touring since they were reunited last year. The live material has a lot more depth than their in-studio work. There is something about the Rhythmic Chaos that accompanies a crowd. This isn’t even to mention the light show that will outshine all of the Atlanta skyline. Hopefully they will have a giant disco ball. That would be amazing.

The Shins will be promoting their solid new Album, Heartworms. This high energy album is a departure from their original half-nonsense lyrics and cool tone. It is a the_shins_-_heartwormswelcome change and the energy will be reciprocated tenfold whenever this is played live. Otherwise, I do hope that they play some of their original chill music because from the incredibly high power acts, I will need some time to regain my center and chill out.

Then I will be back to uber excited/ turbocharged for Cage the Elephant. This will be time number three seeing the band that got famous with their wicked ways. The first time at Bonnaroo was splendid, the second time, at live on the green in Nashville, which was the best concert I’ve ever attended.  f37b52d5bc4dc35a8525575f36d247bd

The energy that Cage inserts into all of their music is without a doubt some of the strongest rock that I’ve ever had the experience to enjoy. I am deeply excited to see how they do the stranger sides of Tell me I’m Pretty. I doubt that they will have any issues getting the entire crowd to erupt in a miasma of gesticulating bodies.

Then on our tour through the concerts, we arrive at FIDLAR and the Cloud Nothings. They both are West Coast punk rock bands that give an interesting skate board sound to their shows. FIDLAR was a fantastic concert, but throughout it everyone spent most of the time crowd surfing.

In a larger setting, the FIDLAR show will be extremely mosh-y and amazingly fun. That being said, we shouldn’t count out the Cloud Nothings. They are an up and coming with a a2170181931_10ton going for them. Young, hip and fresh.

Stay Tuned for a live edition of the WUTK Music blog next Monday, after the festival.




Written by Zeke Streetman