Palms Weak, Hands Sweaty, Knees Shaky, Mom’s Spaghetti

By Zeke Streetman, Music Department Member

Shaky Knees is celebrating its fifth year in business and its line up, including LCD Soundsystem, The Shins, FIDLAR and more, is stacked more than The Expendables part 7.

LCD Soundsystem have been touring since they reunited last year. Their live material has a lot of depth, and they have a light show that will outshine the Atlanta skyline.

The Shins will be promoting their solid new album, “Heartworms.” This high energy album is a departure from their original lyrics and tone. It is a welcome change.

The Shins’ new album, “Heartworms” (Photo courtesy of The Shins.

FIDLAR and the Cloud Nothing are West Coast punk rock bands that give an interesting skate board sound to their shows. Cloud Nothings are an up and coming with a ton going for them. Young, hip and fresh.

Photo courtesy of FIDLAR