Gorillaz killin’ Humanz

Somehow the worldz most successful virtual band has succeed in creating an album that is absolutely beyond expectations. The band consisting of Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Russel Hobbs, and Noodle (although cyber-Noodle was okay) have been able to perpetually churn out music that is deeply strange, but immaculately beautiful.

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Noodle hiding

The album is full of really heavy bass and extremely awesome rap, but for every rule there is an exception. For instance, ‘Charger‘ featuring Grace Jones has excellent rhythmic throbbing, and slightly creepy Jones repeating “I’m going to take it for a ride”. On the other hand there is  ‘Let me out‘ (featuring Pusha-T and Mavis Staples) This is my favorite

Gorillaz 2D.jpg
2-D Hard at work

song on the entire album. Staples beautiful voice mixes so well with the really meaty and raw rapping of Pusha-T, there is a really weird juxtaposition of his deep voice paired with Staples, and then in the middle is 2-D, his voice is a welcome mid-ground between the two sultry voices.

Every track is exceptionally different, and has a special uniqueness that resonates on an emotional level. Each one explores the intrinsic post-apocalypse vibe that permeates the world we live in today.

It is great to see the band back together again after the break-up before plastic beach, whenever Kong Studios was destroyed. They really belong together.  Despite the tension that is ever present.

Russel Hobbs.jpg
Russel Hobbs the man

This does feel though ultimately as though the band is maturing well. They are taking successes from previous albums and improving on their style and tone.

The band is out of adolescents, as depicted strongly by Noodle growing up. Throughout the years the Gorillaz have done everything, from MTV’s Cribs to the upcoming TV show. This is a revival for the virtual band, when it is extremely much needed. The Gorillaz have always held a mirror up to the world using the best artists, and show the (sometimes) disgusting and brutal world.

It takes art and music to create a better world, and these four know what is up. Even through it all the band is growing and having much more depth. Even a bit of sadness that was not exceptionally prevalent before.

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Murdoc loves him some Satan


Either way the band is stronger than ever and it seems like this time they are back for a long time. I for one am way to excited for whatever they want to do next.