The Maine’s new album shows the band at their best

The Maine have released their highly-anticipated new album, Lovely Little Lonely, through their record label 8123. The album is arguably the band’s best, and showcases a newfound fluidity to their sound that is very welcome.

The Maine has been going strong for 10 years now, and it seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the school bus on my way home from middle school listening to songs from their debut album Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. The band has evolved a lot since then, all while maintaining the same five members of the band. After the band’s sophomore album, Black & White, was released on Warner Bros. Records, the band decided to become independent and take matters into their own hands.

The band had recorded their third album Pioneer, but it was not what the major label execs at Warner Bros. wanted the next The Maine album to sound like. So, The Maine went independent, started their own record label 8123, and ever since have released all of their albums on their own label. The three albums released on 8123 by The Maine, Pioneer, Forever Halloween, & American Candy, have showcased a remarkable growth in the band’s songwriting and overall aesthetic.

Now they are back with their 6th full-length album, entitled Lovely Little Lonely, celebrating 10 years as a band and looking to push their sound in a new direction. And they have succeeded entirely.

The album has 8 full-fledged songs, and 4 shorter instrumental/atmospheric songs that bridge together the track listing to make this their most cohesive album to date. Songs such as “Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)” & “Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu” share the same energetic pop rock sound that could be found on their prior albums, but with a newfound urgency and polish that was not entirely present on those earlier releases. Meanwhile “Lost in Nostalgia”, “Little”, & “Lonely”, are all atmospheric tracks that show a new direction for the band’s sound. The sound present on this album is reminiscent of Third Eye Blind with a hint of The 1975 thrown in, all while still sounding wholeheartedly like The Maine.

Lovely Little Lonely is one of the best pop rock albums to be released this year, and even one of the best in recent memory. The Maine have created a near-flawless record that showcases their growth as a band while still maintaining the same things that have always made them who they are.

The album is available on all streaming services. The Maine will be on tour throughout the next several months in support of the album. Dates & tickets can be found here.

– Chris