Handsome and Humble Pie

Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria, around midnight on the eighth of April.

Rhythm and Blooms is in full swing. I missed the concert I most wanted to see (Gogol Bordello, my white whale), but the Calzone, Beer, and Music made up for it. This was one of the best calzones I’ve ever had (and they didn’t pay me to write that, but if they want to they know where to find me).

But enough about the food, You are here for the music (aren’t  you?).

In the beginning they promised to make me sad. Ultimately, they failed as Josh Smith’s  sultry vocals filled the packed bar.  It should be expected that these dudes draw a crowd, they won best Knoxville Americana band in 2016. On bass, who we interviewed, Zack

(Having a beer)

Miles rocked the stage and I felt immense joy. Throughout their rich country rock they were able to energize and get the entire audience to dance. The guitar picking by Jason Chambers was absolutely immaculate.

The Drummer Lauryl Brisson, was shining exceptionally bright on the drums to keep the entire audience on their toes with her rhythmic style.

This was country music at its finest, served up piping hot with cool beer, and plenty of dancing. It didn’t make me sad at all, even their

(Chillin Photo op left to right Smith, Brisson, Chambers, Miles, Huff )

slow sad songs like ‘Knoxville Lights’ brought me a somber enjoyment. It was more like catharsis than anything else. It was an enjoyable evening none-the-less. They are exceptionally nice people as well (they let me keep the song sheet to add to my collection).

I may not have gone to every show at Rhythm and Blooms, and I regret that, but I take a lot of solace in getting to hang out and listen to these guys while working the door.

Volunteering is the best way to go, and I hope to see you all next year with those sweet vol passes.

It was truly a humbling experience, and a slice of the Pizza Pie wasn’t bad either.