Daje Morris’ New Single “Unravel” is an Ambient Dream Woven into Song

By Marcus Carmon

Daje Morris is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite artists on the local music scene in Knoxville. I remember meeting a shy young lady who introduced her EP, The Bloom Project, on the WUTK 90.3FM Gold Standard Hip-Hop Show. She had an innocent charm and was so anxious about the interview.

Fast forward five months and the lioness has fully reared her head, made evident in her new works. This musician and spoken word artist wows audiences whether she’s performing at Modern Studio, Scruffy City Hall, or any one of your favorite local venues, gracing those grounds with her beautiful energy and presence. She’s in constant demand. She recently joined the 5th Woman Poetry Troupe, stepping onto stage at Scruffy City Hall as part of the Women in Jazz Jam Festival. The excitement continues as Daje has been added to the Rhythm and Blooms Festival 2017 lineup.

Her newly released music “Unravel” is ambient and unique amongst her other tracks – I LOVE IT.  The David Francisco-produced track is cognac smooth and powerful. Pour a glass of this melodic concoction and enjoy. WUTK spoke with Daje Morris about the inspiration behind the track.

“I did a soft release of ‘Unravel’ on my page, www.dajemorris.com. There were other songs that I wanted to record but once I had written this song I knew that this had to get out to the public. I was going through a really deep depression…every day was a battle just to get out of bed. My body was weighed down by the state of my heart. I had to push and coach myself to get out of bed each day. The song starts out looking into the eyes of someone and, for me, those were the eyes of God – urging me to look up to him and find the rest that I was seeking. Allow him to unravel me from all of the depression and the memories that had weighed down my soul.

We recorded it on a Gibson with a ribbon mic – I wanted the song to feel like an embrace. We went with an airy but warm vibe for this song. David Francisco found that and helped me to produce that sweet spot between warmth and ambience, to allow listeners to really connect with the story in the song.”

We cannot wait to hear more great music from Daje and to witness her take her place on the Rhythm and Blooms Festival 2017 stage. More information about the Rhythm and Blooms Festival can be found on wutkradio.com.