No P rts M ss ng from new Adult. album

House guests come and go, but some are always remembered. This is the case with ‘Detroit House Guests’ the new heavily mechanical and a little maniacal Adult. album. (the period is supposed to be there) When heading into this album be prepared to get super freaked out. This is a definitely a strange one that goes beyond melody into a distant realm of madness and delirium.

Each song is a deeper expedition into  beautiful psychosis that haunts at every turn. I am most likely going to have nightmares after this album. That being said, it is something that is incredibly novel to me. The name gives away some of what it is Detroit house music, but that barely scratches the surface of what this album really is. 

(Nicola Kuperus work “Attempting Camouflage (Two Chairs)”)

This couple embodies artistic absurdity both within their music as well as their art. Kuperus is adept at photography while Miller is an accomplished painter. In order to create this specific album they opened their studio up to the various contributors and lived with them while completing the project. The Detroit based project consists of the married couple Nicola Kuperus left and Adam Lee Miller (below).



(Electric weirdos Nicola Kuperus left and Adam Lee Miller right)

Each song is bizarre within it’s own right, and it is easy to get lost within the droning power of industrial noise mixed with heavy synth. It is truly something to dance to. The album is reminiscent of German disco-tech music.

“Breath On” (Featuring Michael Gira) exhibits the super freaky, chorus “nonsense-no-sense” and then fades back into the beat from the beginning of the song. This is a repetitive theme within the album of repetition in vocals as well as sounds that are prevalent through the music.

“We Chase the Sound” Feels like the goal of the project, an attempt to capture the strange and euphoric qualities that exist all throughout music. They use sound in a way that makes every note punchier than the last. Every beat is felt, while the vocals are like a ringing in the ears, impossible to describe but always close to the brain.

(I always have to give you a taste don’t I?)

They may be just words, but even if they are lies, they are still a welcome noise. Go, explore the abandoned factories that lie in ruin in your mind, I hope you like what you find.

Always welcome good house guests….