Sorority Noise’s new album is an emotional journey

“And if there’s a race to heaven I will always come in last.”

Sorority Noise dropped their newest album You’re Not As _____As You Think on March 17th via Triple Crown Records. Sorority Noise is a four-piece emo band from Hartford, Connecticut. This is the band’s first album released on Triple Crown Records, and shows impressive growth from the band’s last full-length, Joy, Departed and their debut full-length, Forgettable.

The lyric above, taken from the album’s opener “No Halo”, encapsulates the struggles of faith and belief that are central themes of the album. This album is a journey through vocalist/guitarist Cameron Boucher’s grief and attempts to find understanding in dealing with the loss of close friends. It is a battle of belief, loss of faith, and coming to terms with the unfairness of lives taken too soon.

The emotional peaks of the album occur with the songs “First Letter From St. Sean” and “Second Letter From St. Julien”, where Boucher argues the existence of God in the face of death. The album works best as a unit, with each song complimenting the next both lyrically and melodically. By the time closer “New Room” rolls around, the listener feels as though they have taken a tour through Boucher’s mind, and have been given a glimpse of the emotional devastation that death can cause.

It’s hard to think of an album released this year that is as brutally honest as You’re Not As _____ As You Think. Though the runtime of the album is only around a half-hour, the album remains with the listener long after it comes to a close.

Sorority Noise will be on tour throughout the United States in the coming months. More information can be found here.

Tracks from the latest Sorority Noise album can be heard on WUTK 90.3 FM The Rock. Listen to You’re Not As _____ As You Think at

– Chris