311 Day: A Celebration of the Band from Simmer Down

Happy 311 Day, everyone! Mulkster of Simmer Down here. What is there to say about 311 besides how amazing their music is and how they treat fans?

Little history about the band for you, 311 was originally called Omaha, Nebraska, in the late 1980s. Their music can be best described as reggae, rock, and rap combined. The current lineup of the band is composed of lead singer Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Tim Mahoney, bassists Aaron “P-Nut” Willis, drummer Chad Sexton, and DJ Doug “SA” Martinez. 311-band-2014

The first album from 311 was released in February 1993 and was simply called Music, and had a rock tone to it, especially with the songs “Plain,” “Unity” and “Visit.” A really good album from the band, it’s one to be enjoyed by listening to it all in one sitting.

The band continues to make music, and are currently working on a new album called Mosaic, which will be released summer of 2017. As a celebration and a little treat for us fans, 311 released a new single off the album called “To Much To Think.”

The single is available and the album can be pre-ordered right now through 311.com and pledgemusic.com. The single “To Much To Think” has a dance-hall inspired sound. The lyrics and voice of Nick Hexum are reminiscent of their 2014 album, Stereolithic. My favorite song off that album was “Tranquility.” I’ve been jamming to the new single every day since it came out! 17212221_10156005979387627_3470757580011154776_o

So why does 311 Day exist?

311 Day, according to the band, is a celebration of the band and, most importantly, the fans. The band celebrates this day with a concert every other year. Last year, the 311 Day celebration took place in New Orleans, and the band played shows on March 11th and 12th. The next 311 Day concert will take place in 2018!

The band is also going on a Summer tour, which was just announced today. The tour will be 40 shows spanning the entire United States and Canada. You can check out if 311 is coming to your city this Summer by visiting 311.com/shows. Simmer Down will have a special celebrating the band on Sunday, March 12th starting at 8pm. Make sure to tune in to hear their new single, along with some 311 classics and rare tracks.

So here’s to a happy 311 Day! Listen to some 311, especially their new single, check out their website for shows, news, and other goodies. Don’t forget to Stay Positive Out There.

Much Love!