Blank Square’s Animal I is a primal debut record

Blank Square’s Animal I is an album that knows exactly what it’s setting out to do. Taking influence from the musical landscapes of 70’s underground punk and experimental music, Animal I feels as primal as one would expect given its title. Blank Square works with saxophones, drums, bass, and guitar lavished with slap-back delays and recording methods that really play with the musical form. With experiments concerning instrument placement in the stereo spectrum, feedback, and even what sounds like tape-looping in the track “Bad Acid,” there’s more than enough going on here to catch your attention at any given point on the album.

For all the experimentation however, there’s still a strange sort of accessibility and a thorough line of punk/70’s alternative rock in the material that keeps it from feeling too obtuse at any point. While it is a debut record, it’s a record with the confidence of a band who knows its sound, and knows how to play to their strengths.

Favorite Tracks: “Empty Head” and “Bad Acid”

Animal I is out now on Castle Face Records, and you can hear “Empty Head” on WUTK 90.3 The Rock, Volunteer Radio.

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