Depeche Mode brings the revolution

Depeche Mode has released a new single, as a taste of their new album Spirit that will be released on March 17.  You can listen to it at the bottom of this article, and should before we get any further. I’ll wait and give you a moment to listen to it.

Good job, now we are on the same page. Let us now undergo a journey into the artistic implications of this piece.  Politically motivated, the song serves as a call to those being tormented by oppressive regimes.

The first verse establishes the falsehoods in media and religion that permeate political culture. “You’ve been fed truths who’s making your decisions? You or your religion?” The song begs the question of individuality among the rising tides of collective action. The revolution in this sense would have to come from an individual strength. It is a call that goes out to all of those who are being controlled by the extreme, and the  powerful few that have enough money to control the masses.

“Where’s the revolution? Come on, people you’re letting me down.”

The question resounds throughout the song, as an issue with what is really wrong whenever extreme religious or patriotic ideals interfere with humanities common goals.

This album comes out in the wake of Brexit and a certain presidential election– with possibly fear inducing results.  Depeche Mode has stated the song is not supposed to be inherently political, but is intended to be for the spirit of humanity, for which the album is titled.

The song ends with a faded, “The train is coming” on repetition, this is a warning about the end of times. There is not always much time to get on board. The train keeps coming though, until it is far out of sight.

What will happen to those who join the train, and those who stay behind?