Vasudeva’s new album entrances listeners

Vasudeva, a New Jersey three-piece instrumental band,  is set to release their second album No Clearance on March 31 on the Skeletal Lightning label. This album is a follow-up to their stellar 2013 debut Life in Cycles. Vasudeva has spent the last several years writing another album, touring the world, and gaining a loyal following.

Vasudeva’s three members, guitarist Corey Mastrangelo, bassist Grant Mayer, and percussionist Derek Broomhead wrote and produced the entirety of No Clearance. The noodle-like guitar riffs of Mastrangelo and Mayer are the basis of most songs, but it is Broomhead’s drumming that really makes this band’s sound come alive. While guitar and electronics drive most of the songs, the drums give them a groove that the listener cannot help but dance along to.

No Clearance is an entrancing listen from start to finish. From the moment that “Intro” builds into “Take Away,” the listener is thrown headfirst into Vasudeva’s energetic sound, and the album just gets better the further down into the track list that it goes.

The soundscapes of this album make the listener feel as if they are in another place. Songs such as “6&5” and, personal favorite “Slowboy” start off with intricate riffs, but over the course of the song they evolve into something more, pulling the listener into an energized, encompassing sound that Vasudeva does incredibly well. While there are no vocals in any of Vasudeva’s songs, the melodies of the guitars and synths often play the role of the vocals and give the songs very memorable melodies.

The sound that Vasudeva has crafted through their first two albums is something no other band is doing. They just have an unmistakeable energy about them that makes their music very enjoyable. There are bands that share similar styles, but Vasudeva’s instrumental-groove-rock songwriting puts them in a league of their own.

You can hear Vasudeva on WUTK 90.3 The Rock. Be sure to give No Clearance a listen when it drops on March 31, as you will not be disappointed. Vasudeva will be touring the country throughout the upcoming months with Dance Gavin Dance, CHON and Eidola.

To pre-order No Clearance and view all of Vasudeva’s upcoming tour dates, head over to:

– Chris