Ty Richards is really Far Out

Zillion, the debut album of Ty Richards, has blown my mind six ways to Sunday. This up and coming Austin artist is bringing out the heavy guns in this album of psychedelic dance-rock and it brings out the best in the genre. Holding a voice and lyrical quality of Beck, but the fuzzy rock and roll of  Frank Zappa, this album does not have a bad track. Each one is laced with synthesizer mixed with great guitar work and heavy drums. The range in Richards’ voice is a force to be reckoned with.  


(“How to drink coffee in a space suit?” Ty Richards)


This album takes influences from at least a dozen different artist, most notably LCD Sound System on the song “Naked Girls” and Beck on “Kiss with the Lights Out.”  The first track “Spaceman” is the most masterfully done. It feels like a majestic journey through the stars along with the beauty and fear that accompany such an adventure. There are also lots of lazers(I refuse to spell it any other way) and some cool phase shifts (but you should already know that from watching the video).

That is just a the tip of the iceberg for this album. Each song sounds awesomely different from their sister tracks. Such is the case in “Going out for a Cigarette”. The pop-psych fusion has very relaxing melodies that comfort the spirit. I sincerely hope that Richards never backs down and continues to produce a sophomore album for the wonderful children of the world (or at least just for me to enjoy. I am very selfish).

If you enjoy fuzz, psychedelic love, and beautifully handcrafted guitar work, then you will deeply enjoy Ty Richards and his beautiful foray into full length albums. It deserves love and respect from everyone mainly because it is something that makes me feel things (and I’m very bad at emotions). It is beautiful and you can get it here.

(P.S. If Ty Richards reads this, I’ll be pleased as punch, and thank you for the music.)

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  1. Ty Richards says:

    Yep I see this! 👀 Hey thanks for the kind words about Zillion. I’m so glad that you heard the record and enjoyed it. P.S. Let me know if you want to setup a phone or in-studio interview or performance. I can come say hey.


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