The Lawsuits visit WUTK, to play Jig & Reel show

By Chloe DeLuca, Blog Editor

WUTK The Rock welcomes The Lawsuits to the station and couldn’t be more excited to chat with the band LIVE in-studio. The 4-piece group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plan to mix it up with air-play of previous and new tracks, like those off the latest album “Moon Son.”

“We definitely like the older stuff, as well,” lead singer Brian Dale Allen Strouse said.

The show will kick off at 4PM, on 90.3 The Rock. Listeners can also stream the broadcast through the WUTK website or the Tune-In app.

Soon after their studio session and interview with WUTK, The Lawsuits will head over to Knoxville’s Old City, where they are set to rock Boyd’s Jig & Reel, at 10PM. Having played there once before, the band looks forward to their return to the Jig & Reel. These guys are longtime patrons of big and small performance halls, though Strouse confesses how “the setup and the vibe” of intimate venues, undoubtedly, “can be fun.”

Currently on tour, The Lawsuits evoke a diverse range of style and sound at each and every stop along the way.

“The music is pretty eclectic,” Strouse said. “We’ve always tried to take an original approach to not only creating music and recording it, but also as it relates to live performance, I think we’ve tried to be different as much as we can, everytime.”

While there isn’t just one way to describe the band’s musical style, The Lawsuits pump out tunes some would consider reminiscent of Indie, Folk, Rock & Roll, Country and Yacht Rock genres.

The band approached their recent album in a similar manner of their past LP and EP’s wide-ranging tastes and inspirations. “Moon Son” is the Lawsuits’ second full-length album and latest release that was launched in May 2016.

“That album was probably our most focused, in some ways, attempt at a project,”Strouse said.

In songs like “Romeo,” “Wasted,” and “Hail Storm” the lyrics and harmonies of vocalists Strouse and Vanessa Winters beautifully tell stories one could get lost in.

The band’s masterful creativity crosses over to the visual representations of their music, as well, in music videos. From the whimsical, daydream-like feel of “Sweet Marcelle” to the unexpected barbershop visit and collective trim jobs filmed in “Hail Storm,” their unconventional methods of self-expression encapsulate the unique feel The Lawsuits are going for.

“I did most of the directing on the ‘Sweet Marcelle’ video. There’s certainly been some of those videos where we’ve collaborated, but I know [‘Hail Storm’] was done as the brain child of Bob Sweeney, videographer in Philadelphia.”

What is really cool is the local music fest Rhythm N Blooms just announced the band will be performing at this year’s bash, a first-time event for The Lawsuits.

“We’re all looking forward to it.”

Early-bird passes have already sold out, as the festival is a huge deal in Knoxville, but tickets are still available for the 3-day music party, April 7-9, 2017.

While chatting with Strouse about the facets of “Tour Life,” it came as no surprise that any traveling musician needs a nice meal and a good caffeinated pick-me-up between gigs- that sweet and warm nature’s brew, coffee- but sometimes quality fuel to nourish the machine can be tricky while on the go.

“Most recently, we have been trying to cut back on eating out everyday, especially if there’s a day off or we’re not being taken care of by the promoter,” Strouse mentioned. “Sometimes you have to fend for yourself with food and coffee. Coffee’s a big thing.”

Bassist Brendan Cunningham noted that the band made the nearly 10-hour road trip from Philly to Knoxville on the same day they were scheduled to visit us at WUTK and later perform two lengthy sets, so I hope they had their cups of joe before hitting the stage, and more where that came from during the span of their current tour. Next, the band is set to roll through Nashville.

But many fans are wondering what is next for The Lawsuits.

“We’ll go on this run, finish off this leg, come back home, and I think we’re back home for just under two weeks. Then, we’ll go back out again. That run is another two weeks or so, then we’ll start the new record,”Strouse shared. “We’re actually in the process, right now, of getting songs together, getting the whole kind of thing put together. We’re hoping to shop a producer. The last time we had a producer on our record was 2012 or 2011, so it’s always nice to work with somebody else who has your best interest in mind, who sees what you’re going for and is able to keep everything on track.”

So if you really dig the Lawsuits tunes heard on WUTK The Rock, you can catch them at Boyd’s Jig & Reel, tonight, at 10PM. There shall be a follow-up blurb of that performance and pictures, so stay tuned.

To be continued…

:UPDATE: 2.18.17

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