Photo Gallery of Waynestock 2017

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If you were to ask me, a California girl getting to know my new city of Knoxville and someone who attended Waynestock for the first time, about the turnout of the festival, I’d tell you it was such a fantastic event because of this year’s performers and the sheer love and community felt in one room. I stood in awe of the phenomenal bands that rocked the roof right off the Relix Variety Theatre, and each group provided a wealthy menu of musical treats. From hip-hop beat makers Good Guy Collective to Electric Darling’s Yaz’s soulful sounds and Cozmo’s buttery guitar notes and more, every musician who graced that stage was in true form. The warmth I felt came from the newfound friends who embraced me with open arms, and the sense of community I felt was seeing people come out to support the Pilot Light, the beneficiary of Waynestock VII. At this annual benefit concert, some have attended every year in honor of Wayne Bledsoe’s son, Andrew, and other loved ones remembered. I am so thankful that I could participate in such an unforgettable moment in time. Here is a look at the photos captured at the Waynestock: For the Love of Drew VII Fest. Enjoy!