Papadosio: An Existential Experience

As a long time Papadosio fan, I was super stoked to find out they were coming back to Knoxville. Papadosio made their fifth stop of their Pattern Integrities 2017 tour at The International. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Papadosio blends psychedelic space jams with a unique electronic twist. With opening support from Hyperbolic Headspace and Jaw Gems, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation for Papadosio’s existentialistic jams.

Papadosio’s jams will surely take you through a journey through a metaphysical realm, and the symmetrically spiraling patterns of the stage design and light show will have you completely mesmerized. The crowd’s energy was vibrating at a full frequency adding to the strong sense of connection to the eternal now. Whether you’re riding the rail or boogying in the back, the overwhelming sense of community from the crowd makes Papadosio’s show one you cannot miss.

The show also featured what I like to call the “creativity corner.” With live painting and flow artists spinning electrifyingly bright light up props, it’s hard not to be entertained by this area of self expression. If you got there early you could even have checked out the fire spinning in the parking lot.

As Papadosio continues to have audiences spiral into alternate universes, their fan base seems to grow larger and larger by the day. Papadosio is currently touring nationwide and just announced RE:CREATION Red Rocks which will feature live painting from visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey. So if you missed out on Papadosio’s stop in Knoxville, no need to worry because they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

-DJ Lady Lotus